SiliconIndia Expands Its Reach: New Branch Opens in Mathura

SiliconIndia, The leading platform for business leaders and tech enthusiasts, marks a milestone with the opening of its second branch in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. This expansion showcases India’s technology footprint and demonstrates Silicon India’s commitment to supporting innovation across the country.

From Humble Beginnings to National Powerhouse

The article you provided gives a good overview of SiliconIndia’s remarkable journey. Since its inception in 1997, SiliconeIndia has been committed to the exchange of knowledge and business, establishing its first Indian edition in Bangalore in 2005. Recognizing India’s potential as a technology hub, SiliconeIndia plays a key role in connecting new leaders to global markets.

Why Mathura?

While metropolitan cities like Bangalore may seem like the obvious choice for expansion, siliconIndia’s decision to open a branch in Mathura is a strategic one. Here’s why:

Untapped Potential: Mathura, a historic city steeped in cultural richness, is also experiencing a remarkable growth spurt. With a burgeoning young population and increasing internet penetration, Mathura presents a fertile ground for fostering a tech-savvy generation.

Bridging the Gap: While major cities like Delhi and Mumbai are well-connected to the technological ecosystem, smaller towns often lag behind. SiliconIndia’s presence in Mathura will bridge this gap, providing local businesses and entrepreneurs with access to valuable resources and insights.

Diversity of Focus: While siliconIndia has traditionally catered to the IT and technology sectors, its expansion into sectors like healthcare, education, and startups demonstrates a commitment to holistic development. Mathura, with its diverse economic landscape, offers a unique platform to explore these emerging areas.

About us :- siliconindia – India Edition Published from Bangalore

1st Branch in Bangalore : – In the years after the first British-designed digital computer was installed at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Calcutta in 1955, our country was slow to take advantage of the technological age. But the content has changed. India is in a key position and is currently leading the technological revolution in many sectors, from big data to big data, from Internet of Things to Internet of Everything. Particularly in the workplace,

India has surpassed Singapore, one of Asia’s most digitally advanced countries, in terms of technology and automation of daily tasks. Even MSMEs, which are often thought to be slow to adopt technology, are today connecting using the best of technology. In fact, India needs to invest heavily in technologies such as cybersecurity, IoT, multi-cloud environments and artificial intelligence in the next one to three years. There is no doubt that our country has made many digital breakthroughs so far and plans to make more! The story of Siliconindia is actually the story of India’s modern technological revolution.

Since its founding in the United States in 1997, siliconindia has brought together the entire diaspora community of India. In 2005, siliconindia India started broadcasting in Bangalore and since then siliconindia India has made a difference, a deal for leaders’ knowledge. After tremendous growth, today Siliconindia has reached out to C-suite executives and chief executives (VPs and CEOs), venture capitalists and entrepreneurs across India. Siliconindia is a promoter of bilateral trade corridors and the main forum where professionals can discuss, exchange information, establish business relationships and share knowledge (specific input).

Siliconindia publishes unique and original content including business analysis, technology trends urine and thoughts, along with stories of entrepreneurs, technologists and successful CXOs. The Siliconindia develops expertise and develops insights across multiple verticals besides technology and has decades of experience in domains such as healthcare, education, dating, real estate, lifestyle and startups.

Over the past eighteen years, media from some of the strongest and most established organizations like Hitachi, TATA Technologies, TTK Prestige, Sony Entertainment TV, Vistara, TVS Electronics, Sharp and Nerolac Paints have made Siliconindia an experience. platform. Our advance orchestration capabilities and broad bandwidth are also attracting the attention of industry leaders.

Mathura Branch contact & address :-

Siliconindia Learning Centres are headed by group of young entrepreneurs with a mindset to provide quality education to the students in their locality and help them become competent to get their dream job. They are well aware about the importance of the Siliconindia job training courses and to spread those values they have started the Learning Centre in Parikrama Marg, Mathura

We suggest the students from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh to visit our Learning Centre and meet the counselors. Our trained and qualified counselors will do a free assessment and guide you to take the course which will best suit you by considering your qualification and interest that can fetch you a job. They will also provide you with a free demo session of the course of your interest.
So you have nothing to loose by picking up the phone now and call to set up a time to visit our office.
For contacting counselors in our Mathura Learning Centre:

Mob: 9368901703 Ph: 0565 2502660
Walk in to our Mathura Learning Centre:
SiliconIndia Learning Centre
Parikrama marg, Dampier, mathura -281001,

Head of Mathura Branch :-

Name – Dev Chaturvedi
contact number – +91 82798 77291
Education –
UG: Any Graduate
PG: Any Postgraduate
working time – 9:30 to 7:30 Include 1 hours lunch
Fresher salary per month – 12k to 15k + Incentive
Address : GM68+MRF Devi temple, Shri, Mahavidhya Rd, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281003

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